Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can, there are two ways to sell your truck to us, you can phone us and we will come to your location to inspect the truck, discuss the price and what your requirements are. The second way, you can submit an application in our Contact Us section and we will get back to you or Click Here. Čia

If the vehicle we have sold is not as advertised, please contact the selling manager at UAB Rataras within 48 hours. Your claim, its impact and value will be assessed by our specialist. If there has been a deviation from the advertisement or the value is significant, we will work with the buyer to find a suitable solution. Rataras UAB cannot guarantee all possible defects which may not be apparent during the inspection. Below are three possible options for your claims if confirmed by our specialist:


1: Returning the product.

2: Financial compensation

3: Delivery of parts


·        You can still contact us after 48 hours, but the chances of getting a refund or an appropriate solution are reduced because the purchase may have been used by the buyer.

All our transport is on site, so you can collect your purchase immediately after payment.

Of course, please contact one of our dealers and they will give you the best delivery price.

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